Two ways to quickly get the chain resources effectively combat analysis

forum resources, which we find out for themselves, the registered account, to collect such forum, is outside the chain of their own resources, after anxious to find the chain resources, in fact, many times we find a lot of resources, but we do not have to do, to collect and no, always feel not outside the chain of resources.

you can see my chain of Shanghai dragon why, aspcms, CSDN, box, ask, it is has been proven to be included, you can also do ah, you of some websites, you can get a lot of effective included the chain of web resources, than you ask a friend much better, others do not know is not, and you are looking for suitable for their own the chain resources, chain you can analyze your website of the same industry, where do they see, you also go to what place do, do better than him, he did you do not, do you do more than others, you will slowly.

From the above we see that many

2, search the title of the article to see which sites included the

I believe we will, and we usually go to the analysis of the competition site, then we analyzed the chain rivals, their use had not yet, I guess a lot of friends are analyzed, not to use, or in accordance with their own resources to find the chain way to do own chain, here in my own site outside the chain as an example

websiteThis article


this is when we do the post company looking for navy task, we will see what effect, we usually go to search the titles to see what your website, this is a very good access site outside the chain of resources, I often is such a way to get some outside the chain of resources, of course the quality is not very high, but at least that included, and will not be deleted, you can look at me please post the Navy:

1, analysis of the chain resources of the other

in fact there are many places to get outside the chain, but still have a lot of friends asking how to get outside the chain of resources, where you can send the chain, in fact, Xu Guoxiang shared a lot of resources in front of the chain, the sea resources outside the chain of the software V4 which contains a variety of resources chain well, the 29 link exchange platform without audit can be counted as the chain resources, but a lot of friends there are many more reaction sea software resources have failed, and there is no guarantee that included, so how to quickly get the effective external chain resources, two ways of Xu Guoxiang here and share your how to quickly get the the chain resources:


summary: through the above two methods, Xu Guoxiang believe that the vast majority of friends, will be.

Love is the Shanghai business early can help you save a lot of money

there is a budget problem is depressing, of course, love of Shanghai trade is the direct consumption of love Shanghai bidding the money inside, but note that is not subject to a daily budget control in Shanghai for love. Even if your daily budget was consumed, as long as you have money in the account. Your business is still in the consumer, another point is that there is no slot of the total budget, but each plan the highest budget. The minimum bid is 1 yuan, only two kinds of matching methods, fuzzy matching and precise matching, the author is now using fuzzy matching, but because it is not a hot industry at present to see what is the difference.

‘s original title should be this: love is the Shanghai business early, can spend less money several times to get the bidding and bid the same quality flow. This writing is more accurate, but because the title cannot write too long, so now we see this. Love Shanghai trading is a new product of love Shanghai launched this year, since the launch date of the author is very concerned about, wanted to join a launch, because the author is in an industry is not very popular, but also can not join the time, until the last week has been relatively mature, the author. Joined the love of Shanghai business.

here is another point to say is HC, because we had to pay platform of HC, before the love of Shanghai trade last year launched HC spent like 50 million ocean bought some important keywords the love Shanghai, love now Shanghai trading He Huicong is very similar, but on the show this is a little different, the buy the display of search results is the first picture and text, can show 5, but love can show Shanghai is 3, but they are all picture and text. For everyone to look at the picture.

is the second ranking, ranking is certainly not compared with the love of Shanghai auction, but the right side of the ranking and Shanghai love than a hundred times stronger. It is on the left side in second. In such a big box is very eye-catching. And stronger than Shanghai Longfeng a lot, I have also spent more than 10000 ocean in several Shanghai dragon company training, seeing Shanghai dragon market is paid market continue to occupy, could not help but sigh oh, fortunately, Shanghai auction dragon, Alibaba, other B2B platform together, do Shanghai dragon friend is something to think about.

is currently using some experience and data to share with you, I hope to help you, the love of Shanghai trade is not a mature product, so it’s not too high we expect. For example, even set up to promote the time to try many times will not work, do not know to ask the love Shanghai customer service (PS: love Shanghai customer service than we know sometimes, so don’t love Shanghai call too much hope),. Another point is that the data is not perfect, and can not love Shanghai so clear data in bidding. I think this problem is not large, the reason is to promote the use of trade data aided love Shanghai auction.

The imitation foreign trade station place why flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum

, SB and so on insect insect mass mass mass software together every day, 24 novel stop the chain. In fact, the quality of the chain resources group are relatively poor, because these resources may have been being sent outside the chain of N times, not only the pursuit of a number of advantages. We should pay more attention to quality, focusing on web in what period, new sites began frantically, very easy to fall right. It is noble love Shanghai baby if it was probably the site of K. I think we should raise a number of higher weight chain resources, may raise the number of resources is very time-consuming, but the resources can be used repeatedly. The chain resources is the poor quality of the third major killers".

fourth: optimization of error

the company with the procedure is used for a long time, the website template is copied peer station. And then use a template copy of a stand, the templates are similar, this is highly repetitive HTML and style. The second most deadly repetition is the content of the website, no original content. The product page is also highly repetitive. As the saying goes: "content is king", this is the first "killer no ground for blame".

third: the chain of garbage too much

often hear head to say: "the chain, the chain is not enough, the importance of hard" not to deny the chain. And the imitation foreign trade station is the most important resource and brand chain, this station is different. They go is the white hat Shanghai dragon, who do not want their hard business website braved all risks. The author thinks that the imitation foreign trade station in the optimization also have a "standard", for example, making 404 page correctly set robots file. I see a lot of fake goods station did not do this.

: the first web content is too high to repeat

imitation foreign trade station server is generally not stable, this is no way. Do the imitation foreign trade should all know. Especially the product sales season is often the site server intrusion, sometimes very slow, or simply cannot access. And these sites also are new sites, so the server is the second major killers".

second: the server is not stable

, I have been feeling love Shanghai ranking than noble to baby. Love Shanghai gave people the impression that the reaction is very slow, for example, included it, a new station on the line after half a month to a month before the release page. For about half a month included only one home, in fact, love Shanghai has included many pages, but the new period has not released the inside pages. The baby soon included nobles, all know Baidu will often let Shanghai Longfeng menopause, ER are very tangled. The imitation of foreign trade to optimize the station for a period of time, director also said the imitation foreign trade station ranking stability is not more than one month, indeed. Short time for a few days, then ranked out of the Not the least trace was found. Following a brief analysis of imitation foreign trade station place why "flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum mainly has the following several" killer "".

Prior to

Mobile experience battle bucket algorithm overall point

mobile phone, Download: full screen page layout a large area of advertising shielding main content, forcing the user to log on to the use of a small problem

ice bucket algorithm 4.5 focus on the fight against pornography and pornography navigation action figure, explicit text, illegal gambling etc. the content of

negative example:

open the web site to see, only to see the full screen advertising, no content at all, poor user experience, enhance the user experience for mobile search, the construction of a healthy and stable ecological search, love Shanghai search for mobile search results page too much advertising, affect the user experience of the page, strategic adjustment, 4 special combat such site bucket algorithm

adhering to the principle of the supremacy of users, love Shanghai mobile search update system, upgrade algorithm, all in order to allow users to have a smooth search experience. Love Shanghai mobile search upgrade bucket algorithm 3, version 3, crack down on the love of Shanghai mobile search, the search path to interrupt the user complete transfer from the behavior of

negative example:

for some bad sites for the increase in click through the dynamic map, text, explicit pornography gambling and so on to attract the attention of the form to induce users to click on, to improve the user experience and guide the industry ecological development to a positive and healthy direction, love Shanghai search upgrade bucket algorithm, aiming at inducing the advertising page issued severe blow to reduce its evaluation in Shanghai in search of love.

mainly in

ice bucket algorithm 2.0

ice bucket algorithm 4.5

ice bucket 1 is the first version >


negative example:

2016, the ice bucket algorithm for continuous release 3 upgrade version, has been updated to 4.5 bucket algorithm, so many algorithms, actually said what? You will come and we now, going on: ice bucket algorithm, first launched in 2014, landing page behavior mainly hit the mobile end user experience influence, the download behavior APP forced from the initial severe punishment, 2016 algorithm has been accurate to landing page ads, content search, love Shanghai mobile terminal in order to provide a better user experience, it is a broken heart. Here, have a detailed listing the bucket algorithm, also please the webmaster Study hard, together for the whole network more ultimate user experience than


ice bucket algorithm 3.0


ice bucket algorithm 1.0

ice bucket algorithm 4.0




negative example:

How to make the new auction price higher

The carefully selected

and a target user, we must in the landing page for targeted delivery, to attract their attention, then the entire page must be concise, professional, especially in the medical industry, we provide the content should be useful to the user, or just let us play under the banner of copycat sites.


now love Shanghai really flattered, you said he was the original site, high quality, no violations, but they cannot ensure that your site is a good student in the eyes of love Shanghai, do not know the day will bring you the website hair, for such a situation may appear at any time I want to be a station will be crazy, but again how, at least in today’s Chinese search industry, Baidu or say. But Baidu is also a businessman, as a businessman to make money, so long as you are willing to pay you the site can be reflected in the relevant keywords on the exceptional, for reasons I think you do not need to explain. However, we are also ordinary people, money is doing too much, we do not reject bids practices, but also not being taken advantage of, and effectively improve the conversion rate of bidding is king.

this is the first problem we do the bidding, a good web site keywords given transaction conversion is very large, so when we select keywords, not subjective, mainly in the direction to determine the key words, search groups have clear consumer demand and ability, then search into the user should have in fact, high rate, long tail keywords like this and we said, but for so many words we also can not all do, at the time of selection is based on bidding keywords competitors core and weaknesses.


but here want to remind you that a landing page set is not own home page, and the page may be the most relevant keywords, which allows users to directly read the content they want to know, but also can indirectly improve the transaction success rate.

describes the ingenious designThe following

each biddingkeywords will have a short description, we do not underestimate this description, if the keyword is the first element to attract live users, then describe the second elements of the transaction. On the development of this area, I think there is no experience of people should be more a reference case, to see how they are written, and everyone in the description not only outstanding professional strength, and other words, the user wants to know the problem that white is the key.

landing page customer service is not a necessary link, after all.

landing page to design more humane

in front of the selection and description of the formulation will give users search a certain affection to a certain extent, and open our website to understand, but this does not mean that the final deal will contribute to. So we in your landing page design bit.

Keywords love Shanghai sub station ranked habitual phenomenon

: > Second

love Shanghai ranked "habitual" phenomenon, is a regional sub station refers to national website love Shanghai keywords ranking, if the site in a regional ranking, it in other areas will generally rank front or to the ranking of the top; if the site in a the regional ranking general in other regions, it will also depend on the ranking of general or difficult to do up the rankings; the resulting love Shanghai ranked "habitual" front or back ranking phenomenon. Also for classified information website above said example. For example, the website of the Beijing station, the ranking is very good, a lot of search keywords are in front, so the Shanghai station is generally ranked front or in ranking, it is relatively easy. Of course, this phenomenon is not inevitable, and many factors limited. So, why is the habit of this phenomenon of love Shanghai ranking? I think there are several reasons:

: the first site optimization of the internal unity and each site internal optimization to the difference. Although each city sub station of a website is relatively independent, but also to show the two level domain name form, but in fact, these races in the website structure, simplify the code level and so is the same, Shanghai is full of love love love love all part of the station, Shanghai is not part of the station are not love love. So, if the two sites are open throughout the station, their website internal optimization level must have difference, so the optimization of the site must be in the good ranking of each sub station has occupied the initiative, the ranking of each city in the habit of more than the competition website, also be not at all surprising the.

on the "habitual" phenomenon, first explains two concepts. Is a national site area substation. The website of city station this paper to say is a pointer to the various regions of the country to carry out the same service users but each city station and relatively independent website. For example, some classified information website, they have their own two domain names for each city in the country of the station, each station will provide housing rental, second-hand sale, recruitment information release function, but its operations are relatively independent, each substation operation object is a local Internet users. For example, some decoration bidding website, but also the city has many sub stations, each station is relatively independent, to provide services to local owners and decoration companies to form the two level domain name. The two is love Shanghai keywords ranking, this I believe you are clear, is a web site keywords ranking in love Shanghai, we do search engine optimization to do is this ranking, but the key mentioned in this article refers to the various races in the ranking of keywords with a limited vocabulary of regional rankings, such as "Xi’an classified information network" and "Xi’an decoration company" and so on vocabulary. After explaining the above two concepts, the author will talk about the love of Shanghai ranked "habitual" phenomenon found in the operation process in 贵族宝贝


How to conquer the new station site analysis make optimization scheme

page title, description and analysis of the website title and description length, contains keywords, correlation, attraction, integrity, the third party evaluation and other aspects of detection, title and description directly affect website ranking and user experience, many new Adsense will ignore in the optimization of the time, because of the fear of this, really the title and description can not change, but most of the time the change must change.

how to improve your site in the search engine ranking is every webmaster are very concerned about the problem, whether it is Google or love sea contains hundreds of factors that influence ranking, but new Adsense may not understand these factors, can not be very clear about what to do, a lot of 1-2 months when not doing well may have been in danger of flying off.

The The use of

URL: path specification for URL length containing Chinese character, level, depth of URL, detection of multiple preferred domain, static problems etc.. This is a very critical issue, can be said to be a very important site optimization problem, and is now about a problem very much, the new Adsense must pay attention, do not leave behind. Many large websites to optimize the latter because of a headache problem URL.

new station no guidance, no combat experience, in Shanghai today bombarded difficult, often when doing optimization don’t know where to start with. Even there are many new owners took over the site do not know what to do, simply send update articles, direct daily chain. Some may have the effect, but more is more and more confused. In fact, in optimizing a website, before trying to conquer a website, the first thing to do is to understand your website, website analysis. Especially the new station no combat experience, can quickly find out problems like predecessors, so only the analysis website, learned will have a clue various issues in the website, did not know what to do, can make a very good optimization, fast to conquer your website.


web page speed: when the page opens, link, download page length, image loading was detected, in fact this is a preliminary test on the web server performance, there is a saying do not seek death will not die. If a problem with the server, the page loading speed is very slow, it is not.

site page content: according to the page content matching, relevance, content quality and user needs of testing, the content is the basis of site, search engine is also more and more attention to the quality of web content, good content can not only get the search engine’s favorite, but also can improve the conversion rate of the site, the couple took over.

code detection: on the website of the H label, Nofollow label, ALT, image attributes Canonical tag was detected to see whether there is excessive use, or use, or use the wrong cause unnecessary influence.

Outlook 2011 love Shanghai impact on the development trend of the website

is not according to the rules of


I think that many webmasters are already know, when the love of Shanghai in the beginning of the year, started on some high-profile sites of the so-called "classification". Is some high authority and known as the site, will love Shanghai in its display. Add the title before it. This makes the new hard in the beginning, that love Shanghai in constant adjustment, it can create a better brand website hope.


said here, mainly refers to the love of Shanghai constantly replacing the algorithm, many algorithms are not according to the rules, seems to love Shanghai looking for a better algorithm or in debugging. When many site updates as usual, will somehow be right down. So we have to do is right down to. The love of Shanghai is less manual intervention in the past, is now in a flagrant way often artificial intervention. We should keep a good state of mind to deal with all this sudden changes of

the old site of high reputation, high weight, love is love and trust of Shanghai. Like our webmaster, no financial support, can only rely on their own hands to fight, some of the most popular pages we are difficult to enter the first page of the love of Shanghai. Now you can search for a news headline, the first page is all love Shanghai.

more attention to the old station


2010 we were all sorts of factors from, but we grassroots webmaster or grassroots webmaster, tenacious vitality and the spirit of never giving up is our advantage, we are not afraid of love Shanghai oppression, because we know that in 2011, fell in love with the sea will be more severe oppression, we believe that

? Take a look at it! ! Station group effect is very popular

some time ago, do not know if there is no?! start the construction of a large number of sites found to enhance the weight of a site and the increase of the chain, a taste of sweetness, but as more and more people to imitate, love Shanghai know this station group role. They began to fight the new station group of Shanghai Dragon Technology in 2010, I believe that in 2011, Shanghai will strengthen the love to fight, so we don’t try

will be successful!

more professional

love Shanghai in 2011 will pay more attention to what

back in 2010, is our webmaster hard year, suffered a lot of changes, especially for the storm, we got to die. Love Shanghai in 2010 began large-scale algorithm adjustment, resulting in a lot of hard to do stand friends eventually left the webmaster industry, if you are still trying to do stand, please cherish our time together with the lonely stationmaster

more focused Shanghai dragon strike

in 2010 at the end of 2011 and we came to move. We are very happy new year, wish all the webmaster friends have new hopes, new flows, new breakthrough

It really Nothing is right. website template

some customers station time is urgent, and in the eyes of the site layout and content only a vague concept. At this time, making enterprise website first, so that customers can browse some website template, if the customer has a favorite, you can quickly set the template, fill the picture material, processing the contents of the article, can be said to be the standard production line. If the customer of the template type website is not very satisfied, can let customers see the company, or cross site, to allow customers to select a template, and then imitation station. So, construction speed, quality can be guaranteed. If the customer is not satisfied, you need the website production company web designer to design a website, general corporate image or marketing website.

construction template website, from marketing and optimization perspective, this website has several disadvantages as follows.

In fact,

two, the shortcomings of

1, website template, are stereotyped, easy Zhuangshan, is not conducive to brand marketing. Just imagine, if an industry has four or five similar sites, then the customer is difficult to recognize these website brand.

finally, I remind you, the key is to look at the website template well or badly, what kind of customer demand, this is very important. The network marketing company: 贵族宝贝runming贵族宝贝/ A5 Shanghai Longfeng, starting, reprint please specify a > and Paizhuan

I think that the website template is the biggest advantage of price and mature design. For customers, you can choose some website style, and then according to their own hobbies, or a combination of the company’s products, to fine tune. On site construction company, website template, save time and worry, only need to replace the website contents and pictures will generally fix.

, template sites as well as semi-finished products or imitation products and manual type website template. Imitation is generally excellent reference site, site layout, color and plate design etc.. This kind of website, making time is short and can teach, into their own design elements. Manual template website copyright of all enterprises, is also similar to imitation station.


three, the author’s point of view

web templatesI had a lot of

I noticed that many customers love cost-effective production and design the perfect website, the author will give the general recommended website template. This website is very high price, but the design is relatively perfect, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of website template

2, from the perspective of optimization, website structure and code templates are the same or similar search engine on the Internet, the most objectionable similar content, it is not conducive to the crawler. Especially some template website by Taobao customers, or even illegal industries with grey rotten, to remind customers of the website production company, or firm without such templates. In order to avoid the site does not be included in search engines, or could not get good rankings.

, a website template making advantage of

People love Shanghai’s recovery of happy people worry

why is the people happy and worry? Love Shanghai good our customers are smiling, ranking dropped all over the face of sorrow, when in fact it is our most distressed, call one does not go ah, in fact we are more than they want to worry. Here today and you simply share how we are quick to find ways to restore the ranking.

many times when we received the client station content is doing well, but they stand is not through the Shanghai dragon, no Links and so on, so this time we only need to do some modifications, and a Links, ranking natural will go up soon, but also there will be an unexpected situation, suddenly one day the ranking disappeared, if we encountered such a situation how to deal with

when I first find out what competitors are doing this kind of thing, and then they first reached an agreement, the other is to do a preventive measures, at the same time I added some JS code as much as possible to control copied on the website of the difficulty to control it from many aspects, or for a long time our station became garbage station, this is not good for ranking.


in front of the problem, we should do now is to strengthen our website, Links and the chain and so on, these are not believe me we are very understanding, often ranking out there are a variety of reasons, we need to find out the reasons, and then corrected, so a week ranking recovery, of course does not rule out other possible factors, only.

when off the rankings when first I will from the website itself began to check, to see whether there is cheating behavior, sometimes customers when there will be something wrong when published, so first of all we have to check the contents of their hair, if there is not a reasonable place immediately corrected of course, these may be or deleted, we all know what.

, a website is not a day for two days to complete, most of the station we are certain skills, that is we often say that the quality is relatively high, relatively high quality usually means are updated every day, and at least there is a pseudo original website, this is a web page get the search engine based on trust, but also guarantee ranking.


now to introduce a point we may usually tend to pay less attention to the details of a special case in my customer site, the customer is after every time I finished things will find this article copied by others, and in this article are copied before even partial has not been included in the search engine sometimes, because the site included speed is relatively slow, so people have included the first copy, this is a very bad situation, which means that we in the acquisition of the content of others, and these things are our own original, when you encounter this situation really annoyed, then how