Women open restaurant to teach you how clever propaganda

catering industry development so far, now mature, stable market development, this is a good time to venture capital. But now many brands on the market, want to make money is not an easy thing. It can be said that the development of food and beverage industry to join the market is also more intense interpretation, so want to get good returns, investment in food and beverage franchise is a good choice. But operators want to get the ideal development, we should grasp some business skills. Female friends in the management of food and beverage franchise, you need to know what aspects of the shop promotion skills? Xiao Bian here to introduce the relevant methods and techniques to understand these things can help shopkeepers shop.

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How much does it cost Gear for your weapon

        how much money to invest in the kebab shop? With the development of the times, the needs of the market, more and more chain stores, then you have not opened the shop, is still very confused? Let’s get together for more information.


        second tier cities: Shenyang

        business area: 150 square meters

        operating time: 5 in the evening – a.m.

        operating varieties: Grilled skewers, grilled seafood, casseroles, drinks and other

        belong to the area: a large ordinary community near Shenyang


        open the door to spend 600 yuan

        boss Ma said, regardless of whether there is a customer, as long as the store opened the door, the daily cost of at least 600 yuan, rent, utilities, staff salaries, equipment depreciation…… Of course, this is just a fixed expenditure, it can be said that one eye open, they have to ponder how to earn 600 yuan.

        standing capital shall not be less than 15000 yuan

        Maradona said, the above said 600 yuan is a fixed fee, if the real operation, every day to prepare cash of not less than 15000 yuan, of which 10 thousand yuan for the purchase of the main ingredients, such as beef and mutton, vegetables…… 5000 yuan as a reserve fund, if the food is not enough, not enough drinks, also need temporary purchase, because the operating time is at night, many suppliers do not supply, so the purchase price to 5000 yuan is not too expensive, sometimes.

        million yuan of funds were pressed for a month

        however, investors also need to have a mental preparation, every month, the pressure of nearly 10 thousand yuan, will need to sell goods after profit to be reflected, such as drinks belong to such a situation.

Promote innovation and entrepreneurship small business loans up to 200 thousand

Effects of

on the management policy of Dongguan, in order to better promote the process of innovation, constantly improve the entrepreneurial preferential policies to boost people better entrepreneurship. Venture capital needs financing, entrepreneurship in Dongguan, a small business loans up to 200 thousand.

entrepreneurs solve the shortage of funds difficult

Human Resources Bureau released

loan conditions also need to have specific business projects, and approved by the business sector received a business license, the expected business projects are relatively stable sources of income, ability to repay the loan principal. In addition to the requirements of the applicant no violations, but also need to provide a more stable source of income or household registration in the city personnel as a guarantor to bank loans, or to provide a secured assets, and in accordance with the provisions of the bank loans to the other conditions.

is not required to use the additional penalty of

"measures" the loan amount was 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan, 150 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan four grades. Lenders may apply according to their own business needs, the loan bank through the audit of the project capital needs, the ability to determine the amount of loan repayment approved. Loan cycle by the borrower engaged in the production and operation cycle of entrepreneurial projects, loan purposes, repayment ability, determined by the two sides negotiated jointly, the longest no more than three years.

application data

What should young entrepreneurs do

young people often thought more advanced, to keep up with the times, and then a momentum, so it is always the main independent venture, but they also have a common defect, is too impulsive, so to the success of entrepreneurship, they should do some thinking, then what should I do think?

Careful thinking, repeated assessment, mature


Third, what is the core resources of success? I have the conditions: enough capital? Experience? Customer resources? Technology innovation? Business capabilities? Compared to competitors have obvious advantages of


Fourth, if there is enough patience and endurance of the pioneering period of consumption, estimated by the long time through the bottleneck stage, they have long time of preparation.

fifth, what is the biggest risk venture, what is the worst result, whether I can bear? Don’t just think of a optimistic, there must be fully prepared, the risk of otherwise, touched the reality and imagination are not the same, it will cause the letter shake.


if these problems, your mind has a clear answer, even if you are not able to let you succeed, at least you have a goal, with a mind of their own dreams, so definitely have more advantages than blindly entrepreneurship!

Wuhan, a space salon held 26 lectures this month

when entrepreneurship becomes a hot topic in society, you will find the topic of entrepreneurship everywhere. Especially young college students are more likely to be exposed to the topic of entrepreneurship. For students to create a customer, to harvest what is an important issue to help fund.

this share will be hosted by the Wuhan municipal people business service center, attracting more than 30 start-ups and entrepreneurs to participate in person in charge. In the sharing will be the scene, many entrepreneurs ask the city’s entrepreneurial policies which? Including Wang Yi deputy director of the City Youth Innovation and technology service center of the new policy, Wuhan: college students venture funds to support 30 thousand – 200 thousand, 200 thousand interest free loans, venture entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training subsidies 5000 yuan subsidy; within five years of graduation students enjoy the rent subsidies, Hubei entrepreneurship Assistance Fund 20 thousand – 200 thousand Wang Yi, also through the real case, to explain the policy reporting requirements, enjoy conditions etc..

a space suit — "people" to talk about entrepreneurship salon



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Not the same nail Men nail

in China, do nail seems to be a keen choice of female consumers. However, in Europe and the United States, men do nail has become commonplace, just like men’s beauty, with a very good experience in profits. If you want to engage in nail business, may wish to consider the men nail.

in the common view, Manicure is a girl, there should be no relationship between the man and the thing. However, when the concept of fashion has become increasingly broad, nail maintenance gradually hooked up with men. Men’s nail maintenance is very popular in Europe and the United States, but the domestic service specifically for men, nail shop is relatively small, only Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other economically developed cities. These stores have a good profit.

shop features

investment conditions

the minimum investment amount of 100 thousand yuan, of which 40 thousand yuan investment in equipment, liquidity and other expenses of about 60 thousand yuan. Shop area of about 30 square meters, staff of 2 people.


nail curing average gross profit of about 50 yuan / times. Investors about 6 months – 12 months to recover the initial investment.

investment advice

1, suggested that investors can run a first-line or second-line brand of male cosmetics, increase profit point.

2, due to the majority of men in the United States nail is also very strange, it is recommended that investors at the same time to carry out female nail business.

3, the store’s main target customers for the 18 – year – old man, and more to engage in fashion design, beauty salons and other industries of the male dominated by.

of course, our country’s Manicure market is not fully open, the current consumption will be in this area crowd mostly high-income groups or related professionals in pursuit of shape. So if you want to engage in men’s nail business, please do a good job in the market survey.

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Xiamen during the National Day held a cultural event

Xiamen, as a coastal city in China, has made great progress since the reform and opening up, the economy has made remarkable achievements, people’s spiritual and cultural life is also very rich. October 2nd to 6, sponsored by the Lake District People’s government’s 2016 cultural and creative industry and city renewal activities will be held in the week Lianfa gorgeous space, for the general public and tourists during the National Day holiday can provide a good place and the depth of experience of life aesthetics. Famous music artist Zhu Zheqin, vice president of the China Fashion Designers Association and other celebrities will attend the activities of the week activities in.

organizers, the week activities, including "life aesthetics and Folk Art Renaissance" forum, "old craft" life aesthetics exhibition, a large auditorium and colorful cultural creative tour four series of theme activities, the life aesthetics forum, folk art protection and inheritance and communication, and fashion art design exhibition share, to awaken people to city renewal, cultural creativity, aesthetics of life and the pursuit of attention, build to attract cultural and creative talent platform.

three game will be open to the public free of charge, the public can sign up to participate. Organizers invited three from the two sides of the three cultural and creative experts to communicate with the life of the u.s.. Content covers the transformation of old industrial plant case, the text of the case to promote urban renewal, as well as share the concept of life aesthetics.

China as a vast territory and abundant resources country, there are many cultural essence in life, inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of every Chinese is the responsibility of the children. "Old craft" life aesthetics exhibition of the collection of traditional crafts exhibition five Fujian area, including pottery, wood, paint, New Year paintings puppet basket, bamboo and other national intangible cultural heritage creation form, and invited to the five folk arts and Crafts heritage exhibition creation process, and interact with the audience. In addition, MediaTek China and the United States will be jointly launched the space of the United States for the United States and the United States and the United States and the creation of a rich cultural tour activities, visitors can enjoy the slow life, the United States and the world cultural and creative journey.

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How to open a coffee shop owners how to decorate

is now in the social life, coffee has become a lot of people are very fond of a drink at the same time, the demand of the market, many are optimistic about the business to join the coffee market, it has also become a lot of people dream of entrepreneurial wealth



1, coffee shop space decoration layout elements

2, coffee shop space decoration design features

Space design

3, coffee shop decoration lighting features

in the design of the coffee shop, local lighting design and lighting design is the soul of the application. The overall illumination of the space is not very high, the staff can be normal flow of low light intensity, focusing on the details of the local lighting. Each socket should have a set of lights, is a lamp with a lampshade, or similar to the scope of the candle lighting is not large, but also the use of warm colors for the coffee to create a warm, private space. Make full use of light and shadow effect is another feature of the lighting design Hall of coffee, this feature can be used to create some empty, and the lights inside or underneath some plants to radiation, make the space produces interesting light, both rich visual effects, but also increase the three-dimensional sense of space and sense of hierarchy.

4, coffee shop decoration landscape configuration

The use of professional decoration

What should we pay attention to the characteristics of snacks

special snack is a lot of places, many friends will want this delicacy publicity out, open a special snack restaurant is a good choice, then, special snack to join it, need to pay attention to what matters?

some characteristics of the snack items simply do not have the characteristics of the two characters, the characteristics of their own is sealed, but with the guise of the characteristics to cheat your technical fees. Only some of the characteristics of snacks, technical formula, and then is a certain remittance address, e-mail and the like, you do not have to look at the ads, delay time. True and false technology is a problem, even if the food out of the local people would like to be a problem;

even if the real characteristics of snacks, the introduction of the future can be suitable for local public consumption tastes, suitable for the future to keep fresh. What should we pay attention to? Specialty snacks in the introduction of different places is difficult to maintain a longer consumption period. Unless you can use a phase change for a long time to maintain a stable profit.

to introduce the characteristics of snacks, should be in the original hotel for the store, the characteristics of snacks to join the attention to what? As the characteristics of the project introduction, not as sure as a gun is not suitable for single shop; or only after the production to the hotel, wholesale market delivery; another one is to stand ready to join the company, manufacturers of the stall operators.

now the country’s food industry increasingly stringent technical requirements, if the introduction of specialty snacks must take into account the industry policies and local laws and regulations. In addition, many of the characteristics of snacks are often successful in the introduction, profit for a period of time, to recover the investment, the project itself is also a recession, the result may be only a pile of equipment, raw materials, no benefit at all. A good budget for the return on investment;

special snack is small, but the distribution of energy than other projects to be more time consuming, because it is a small project, like our surrounding Baozipu, tea and congee, the same is very hard and exhausting. What should we pay attention to? To do this, we must have the psychological preparation, not the introduction of production to make money so simple.


above is about to join some special snack items to be noticed, this advantage is very significant, want to join it, the need for detailed understanding, so as to get a good income, want to join to consult


The business of small business must not be missed

does not have strong capital, also do not have what experience, this time a small business should be the most suitable, some people will start from the simple point of the small businesses in the business, but the small business also belongs to its business, please see below for you to collect the business of the.

500 yuan business now 500 yuan can do? $500 can also set up shop? It is incredible, Liang Bo is relying on the $500 started to do the emerald business, to achieve the current month to earn $190 thousand legendary entrepreneurial experience!

started from 500 yuan, up to now about $190 thousand per month sales revenue, Liang Bo’s Emerald business bigger and bigger, he started from the first day of online shop, they set the business bigger and stronger goal. Now, Liang Bo has not only domestic buyers, but also a few large buyers abroad, to start a cross-border trade, 10% of gross domestic income is higher than the domestic one.

By the end of

2002, Liang Bo will plunge into the network, began to shop online. Liang Bo to use the work to save 500 yuan, began to Kunming jade market Amoy goods. At that time, in 3 to 5 a few yuan small goods, because there is no camera, Liang Bo went back to the original company, secretly looking for friends down with the scanner, save to disk, no computer Liang Bo then went to Internet cafes, can be found using the floppy disk machine, completed the first entrepreneurship preparation. Before long, Liang Bo the first piece of jade to find a buyer, the other party through a dollar auction to 200 yuan turnover, the first beam of profit will have a profit of $more than and 100. After six months of business, the money to buy a 1800 yuan digital camera, and after a period of three months, that is, in 2003 April, the money to buy their own computer.

2003 in July, Liang Bo graduated from school, began to focus more on the online shop. By September, Liang Bo’s store sales have reached 300 thousand. This time it happens to be the butt of the eBay platform and EBAY platform, Liang Bo recalled that the first transaction is a Canadian, bought a jade, more than 4000 yuan. Liang Bo after the transaction is to know the other side is a Chinese foreigner, immediately let the other side of the money through the western union. International trade is slowly developing, and now Liang Bo and the United States, Canada, a number of fixed buyers to do business.

Liang Bo said that other people think that international trade resistance is large, mainly in the means of payment is not smooth. But he believes that the problem is not serious payment, bank transfer or Western Union can solve the problem of payment, the only inconvenience is to run to the bank.


according to the experience of the beam, the general transfer from the United States, Agricultural Bank of China and bank accounts can handle this business. Agricultural Bank of time faster, probably about second days can recommend